Fantastic Voyage

Viewers are able to take whatever they want when they observe a painting, but I wanted share that some inspiration came from this beautiful song when it was sketched out. I decided to create this short 1 min video clip of the painting and song together. The hymn: Nearer My God To Thee, by Sarah F. Adams. While this video features only the first verse, I wanted to let you know how the the 4th verse reads:

“Or if on joyful wing
Cleaving the sky
Caught up to meet my King
Swiftly I’ll fly”

The art “Fantastic Voyage” featured in this video is a variant edition available in print online here:

(The original version of the painting will be released at a later date and will only be available direct through me as an 8×10 limited edition. The original painting itself is slotted for a 2014 art show in Taiwan.)

More prints of new paintings will be released over the next 4 months. Watch my facebook page to catch them! -Cindy


New Collection: Through The Looking Glass

I have a few in progress and several more sketched out, but here is one of them completed.  Basically this series will always have a window that features “something”.  This one brings a hazy dream-like landscape into focus.  See it on etsy.

Collection: Through The Looking Glass
Title: “Hope”

Studio Sale – Original Painting $1.00 eBay Auction (closed)

**Update:  Sold**
Now at Auction:  “Send in the Clouds”  16″ x 20″ x 1.5″ acrylic on canvas original painting.  Bidding starts at $1.00 with No Reserve.
On the tallest of hills, the little house watches the clouds roll in.
A mix of firey skies, vivid hills, and if you will….a song.