“Take A Bite”

This week’s penny auction is now live! ¬†Update: Sold!
Starting something new this week and this is the first one ūüôā “Portraits” will be a new series where homes will be featured in character though out the year. My favorite of all favorite fairytales….this themed piece is the wicked queen out looking for Snow White. The dwarves warned Snow not to talk to strangers, but it looks like it is too late! ¬†This piece titled”Take A Bite” is an original acrylic on gesso board painting. It measures 8″ x 10″ and is signed on the front, and also titled, signed, and dated on the back. This piece ships in a complimentary quality black wood frame.



Autumn Skies III

This week’s penny auction is…updated – Sold!
I’m bringing in the fall this month with the Autumn Skies series. ¬† This week it’s a larger 16×20 original painting mounted on on 1.5″ wooden stretcher bars. ¬†This piece mixes the warm colors of autumn alongside the cool temperatures that fall brings in. ¬†The little green house is feeling the breeze this time, while the fall leaves are not so much falling, rather getting carried up into the heavens. ¬†Auction ends October 18th.

Autumn Skies II

Update:  Sold!
“Autumn Skies II”
6″x12 original acrylic on stretched canvas frame.
Another windswept tree, but this time the leaves have taken flight and have been whisked up and around the moon. The sky colors of this piece have all sorts of warm fall hues. The landscape is cooled off by the contrasting blues of the hill. This auction runs for 3 days and ends Sunday (Oct. 6th).
Autumn Skies

Autumn Skies

This week’s penny auction. ¬†Update: ¬†Sold!
“Autumn Skies” 6″x12″” original acrylic on canvas painting. ¬† There will be a series of a few¬†Autumn Skies that you can catch at auction, though I won’t reveal them until the day of the auction ūüôā ¬†¬†This piece is a landscape of browns and greens with a shooting star off in the distance. ¬†I’ve brought back one of my little houses under a windswept tree, with autumn leaves getting carried away in the wind.

“Off To Neverland”

Update:  Sold!
Several have requested that I do another boat painting, so here you go!. ¬†This little clipper ship has made an¬†appearance in several paintings. ¬†Sometimes it has been at sea, other times the ship has been¬†flying in the sky. ¬†This time it’s a little of both. ¬†Peter Pan’s song “You Can Fly” says this in one of the verses “Take the path that moonbeams fly…” ¬†That’s what this ship is doing I suppose….sailing on colorful moonbeams ūüôā ¬†This canvas painting ships mounted on 1.5″ wooden stretcher bars with edges painted black.
Contemporary Whimsical Clipper Ship -


This weeks penny auction.  Update: Sold!
“Cherish” – 16×20 original canvas painting on 1.5″ wooden stretcher bar frame.
This weeks auction is a jeweled tone landscape filled with little whimsical whatnots. ¬†A little black capped chickadee gazes upward to a hanging heart ornament. ¬†This piece contains a lot of the traditional elements I usually include in my landscape paintings¬†with some added magical charm in the tree ūüôā
Artist Note-
Reason behind the title: ¬†I mentioned in the listing that little birds warm my heart. ¬†The original Greek word for “cherish” is thalpo – which means “to keep warm”. ¬† No, I am not a linguist – just a random fact I happened upon while painting this piece so that’s how the name came about. ¬†ūüôā

“Home Sweet Home”

Update:  Sold to a collector in Australia
“Home Sweet Home” – 16×20 original acrylic on canvas painting.
I had this piece framed as it was on display with a group of works at a local gallery.  So it comes wired and ready to hang in the black floater frame you see.  I rarely sell my pieces framed, but I saw no need to unframe it.
"Home Sweet Home" Contemporary Folk Painting