Art for Caylee – Listing is Live on eBay

Art for Caylee eBay listing is now live!
100 limited edition prints ACEO sized (2.5″ x 3.5″).  Each print is just $5.00 (plus shipping).  100% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through eBay’s Giving Works (powered by Mission Fish).

Each card is numbered and initialed on the back, and ships in a protective clear hard plastic case.  Tracking will be provided once your order has shipped.  Click the pic to see the listing and be sure to tell others!  Thanks for reading… – Cindy


“Dear Caylee” Project – Art for Charity

This post is about taking the negative and turning it into a positive.  A little back story as to why I’ve chosen to do this charity project….

Re: Caylee Anthony
Because I live just a couple of miles from the Anthony home, I’ve watched this story unfold from the very beginning.  I even wanted to go out and help in the search, but having two toddlers at home and being sick with the joys of the first trimester at the time kept me from being able to do so.  From the frantic George Anthony automated local phone calls “Help us find out granddaughter”, to seeing the large trailer drive around town with Caylee’s picture and info, to the day in December when they found Caylee’s remains, to the day the verdict was rendered – the whole ordeal has left me deeply saddened and frustrated.  Is there any “good” that can come from any of this?  Well for starters we now have Caylee’s Law, and I believe we can do other things for kids in the name of this little girl who didn’t get to see her 3rd birthday.

So on to something good!  I’ve decided to do a colored sketch drawing of a little angel in her favorite color (lavender) dress.  It is currently being made into prints the size of artist trading cards (ACEO’s) that measure 2.5″ x 3.5″.  100% of the proceeds from each card sold will be donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through eBay’s Giving Works program on Caylee Anthony’s behalf.  I’m still working on a few logistical things, but they will be sold for $10 each.  Each card will be numbered on the back  (probably a limited edition of 100). Each card will have the title “Dear Caylee” along with a short note to her.  I will continue to offer these for the rest of 2011.

So while I wait on the prints, gathering some shipping supplies, and cases for the cards…stay tuned for the eBay listing to start.  Or you can receive news on this project by subscribing to this blog, or catching updates over on my facebook page.  I should have everything up and running in one week.

Charity Art Auction

Auction is now live on eBay!  100% of the proceeds to go to the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge of Destin, FL.

As I mention in the auction this little baby seagull is lovin’ his clean beach.  Titled “With Love” because my little bird is with a hanging heart, but also because “With Love” from you to the organization, the proceeds will help with the oil spill clean up effort.  I chose this organization because, while I currently reside in the central FL area, I am from the Emerald Coast area of Northwest Florida (Niceville to be exact).  Reports from family and friends are the oil is just now starting to hit the shoreline this week 😦

If you are unable to bid at this time, you can still help by blogging, tweeting, facebooking etc. the auction listing.
10 Day Auction.  Bidding starts at $1 (Free Shipping to USA addresses)