“I Finally Found You”

This weeks penny auction:  Update:  Sold
“I Finally Found You” 16×16 acrylic on canvas.  This sweet little house has perched atop a hill with its telescope in search of the hanging stars.  It found them!  The sky this time is a beautiful abstract of changing color and lines.  The curious house series has split style-wise into a collection where I combine my painting style and a sketch into once piece.  I hope my fellow space explorers enjoy this piece as much as I do 🙂  This auction starts at .01 cent with no reserve and runs until Sunday, 8/3/14.  Visit the listing to see more pics.  Enjoy!  -Cindy


“Love You To Pieces” (sold)

Update:  Sold!
This week’s penny auction is now live!  This time it’s an 8″x24″ original canvas painting done in the illustrative style I sometimes do.   This is a 5 day auction that ends this Sunday (7/27).  No reserve this week, so highest bidder wins the painting.  Enjoy!  -Cindy
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This Week’s Penny Art Auction (sold)

Update:  Sold!
This week’s penny auction is a one-of-a-kind canvas giclee.  Title:  “When The Wind Blows”  I have added hand touches in acrylic paint, and added a gloss finish to it for a fresh painted look.  This 12×12 stretched canvas print comes wired and ready to hang.  It is signed on the front and back and includes a certificate of authenticity.   This auction has no reserve price, so highest bid wins!


Penny Auction (sold)

Update:  SOLD!

Also…I have started offering weekly penny auctions!  These auctions start at .01 cent and have no reserve…which means there is no amount that must be met in order to win the item.  The item that is currently running this week is a custom hand embellished signed canvas print titled “Hello”.  This 12×12 canvas print comes wired and ready to hang.  I’ve added custom hand touches in acrylic paint making it a unique one of a kind print!  This piece has been been signed on the front and sealed in gloss varnish.  Auction ends Saturday, July 5th.  Click the picture below to go straight to this weeks auction 🙂

Hello Custom Print

Four New Original Paintings

4 new paintings are on display at Old Florida Bank here in Orlando, and available for purchase through Gallery On The Edge.
Each piece links to a more detailed photo along with gallery contact info if interested in the original.  Interested in prints instead?  I’ve got them up here!
Have a great weekend!  -Cindy

“Dreamville” Update: Sold!
Dreamville - Original Painting

Update:  Sold!

Cherish - Original Painting

“Springtime” Update SOLD
Springtime - Original Painting

My visit with artist Justin Vining

So I met up with artist Justin Vining this past weekend up in Indianapolis!

Why is this blogworthy?  Since quite a few people over the years have told me that they collect both Justin Vining and Cindy Thornton art, (and our studios are almost 1,000 miles apart!) I thought those people might enjoy hearing about this first “in person” meet up 🙂

I’ve probably told this story in the past, but Justin introduced himself in an e-mail back in 2008, and after a few conversations we were both (at least I was), amazed at how much similar our style and subjects were.  Naturally, if you paint alike you probably think somewhat alike too, so we have remained in touch and good friends all these years.  See what a house and little bit of whimsy can do?   So a recent family trip up to Indy allowed me the opportunity to spend a part of a day getting to see a little more of what he does and where he does it.  Below is one of the locations where his art happens. He was gearing up for the Broad Ripple Art Fair.  Lots of his works are currently done on paper he makes himself over at Twinrocker.  Pretty amazing stuff.  I snapped this pic really quick before we left, and he held up the canvas print I had brought him. (I had to bring up some of the central FL rain I get to experience every single day of summer.)  Yes, we have bought and gifted each other artwork over the years.  I have quite a collection of his sketch, colored pencil, ink & watercolor pieces so far.

j1Another place we visited was the Harrison Center.  Most of Justin’s work is done from this studio.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but the place was filled with work studios, galleries, and hallway after hallway of incredible art.  Below Justin was showing me the June 2014 issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine.  Next time you are out and about, pick up a copy.  You can’t miss it because he’s featured on the inside cover!


Anyhow, if you have ever corresponded with Justin or follow him on facebook – he often signs off with “Have a Beautiful Day”…..this to me sums up my visit with him.  I learned he sincerely paints what he means, and means what he paints.  Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!
Until next time….

The Great Escape

10 limited edition signed prints now available!
Title:  The Great Escape
Paper Size:  8×10
Each is titled, signed, and numbered and ships direct from me.


Photo of the original which sold at an art show in Taipei in April of 2014.  Interested in larger scale prints?  Paper and canvas prints will be available in the near future.  Be sure to follow on Facebook to catch this news 🙂



Now at Auction!  Update:  Sold!
This 16×20 original painting on stretched canvas is available this week direct from the artist (me).
Title:  “Revolution” – acrylic.   Two Japanese fighting fish….this is one way to start a revolution.
Water and space are used quite a bit in the Seafarers and Legends series.  Two beautiful fish are on the chase, and their bubble trails create this planetary of a movement piece.