“Time & Space” and “Traveling In Circles”

Now Available
2 new signed limited editions (only 10 in each edition).
You can purchase these on eBay or on etsy.

“Time & Space”

“Traveling In Circles”

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4 New Paintings Now Available…

Just released 4 original acrylic canvas paintings on etsy this morning.  Enjoy!

“I Only Have Eyes For You” (20×20) acrylic on canvas (Updated:  SOLD)

“Star Garden” (20×20) acrylic on canvas (Updated: SOLD)

“Paper Skies” (24×18) acrylic on canvas (sold)

“Whispers At Sea” (24×18) acylic on canvas (Sold)

5 New Paintings Posted Today

Just posted these three original paintings in the etsy shop today.

24×36 – “All Nature Sings”  (update:  currently on display at Art Station in Stone Mountain, GA until August 19, 2012)

24 x 8 “Big Skies – #8 in series” (Update:  Sold)

12×12 “Three Paper Clouds II”  (update:  Sold)

12×12 “Morning Glory” (update: sold)

12×12 “A Sleepy Hillside” (SOLD)

Little House On The Cherry

Original 16 x 16 painting – acrylic on stretched canvas
Just posted in my shop on etsy.  Yes, a little bit different than my normal landscapes.  Not so much a color explosion of sky and hills this time, rather a contemporary portrait turned landscape.  Now that I have depicted home sweet home to be located on a cherry, you might see more homes in off beat locations in a possible series titled “Little House”  … still brainstorming 🙂

Little House on the Cherry - Cindy Thornton Art
See it on etsy.

Just Posted

“A Jet Quartet” 16 x 16 x 1.5 acrylic on canavs
Original illustration from my new book “House”
This painting is featured on page 23 of the book.  Perfect for an aviation themed room, or anyone who likes the “roar” of these approaching planes.  For the story I needed to paint 4 jets, well…I saw these WWII planes that had the intake located on just the nose.  I loved them, and decided to go with something really similar and have them flying right at the viewer.  Since I don’t typically paint this type of scene, I think it is one of my favorites from the book.
See it on etsy

Moon Clouds

Sold to a collector in Georgia.  (original 12×24 acrylic on canvas painting)
This painting is now available in a limited edition print of only 5.  Some of my prints are made available as a larger open edition unsigned poster print.  This print will not be…just the 5 I’ve made.  So if you like, go grab!  I post them one at a time on etsy in order – this link will show which one is currently available.

Words on Wire

New painting on etsy today!  This painting is from page 22 in my book “House”  This painting was going to be a full spread (2 pages), but I changed things and ended up only using the left side.  I also only had 3 birds in the book to go with the words.  I went back and added a lot more birds afterwards.  This painting will ship with a free hardcover copy of the book.  See the listing for details.

50% off Holiday Sale!

I am posting some art items for sale in the etsy shop this week, my own Black Friday sale if you will.  The sale runs from 11/23/10 until 11/29/10 midnight EST. Look for the “Holiday Sale” section in my etsy shop to see what’s available.  Facebook and Twitter followers get announcements as to when new items are added to the sale this week. If you are gift shopping, and are looking for something colorful, creative, and unique…I might be able to help you this season (wink, wink).  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


News Flash: I’m on Twitter

twitter cindy
For those who have mentioned that they check my store a lot to see when new art gets posted, this blog post is for you.  I just signed up for twitter this week and I guess this will be my new “breaking news” tool I use for updating newly completed works, upcoming projects, and sale auctions.  Feel free to follow me by clicking the pic!  -Cindy

Justin Vining Art

Picture 15

Originally uploaded by justinvining

I met Justin over on etsy. When I first saw his work I was stunned. He had a collection of art for sale that included colorful landscapes of little homes and wind swept trees. “Holy Cow are we similar!” I thought. Then I went on to discover his interesting aerial landscapes. I’m a sucker for intricate detailed art one can get lost in. When I was in high school this is the type of stuff I did on my folders when I should have been listening to the teacher. So again, I was convinced our brains must be wired the same.

Anyhow, I swing by his etsy shop a couple of times a month to see what new things he has going on. And today I found this…a painted table top which he calls “A Corner of My World”. According to Justin – this took over 80 hours to do and I think is worth having a closer look see.  Click here to view more photos.